'Hidden in the long grass'!

'Hidden in the long grass'!

That's great! The hare is super and I particularly like the way you've done the background.

He's cute...an eye catcher..

Beautiful image, Jennifer. It brightens up the day.

Cheers guys!! your lovely comments are very much appreciated. x

Very cute Jennifer, lovely application of pastel.

I love this Jennifer! Both the background and the hare/rabbit look wonderful.

Many thanks Maureen.

I certainly enjoyed painting him Fiona, thanks you for your lovely comment.

Thank you Margaret, I am trying to experiment with the backgrounds of my paintings and, so far, it is paying off!

Lovely Jennifer, especially those sparkly eyes.

Thank you Carole. Not too sure what he has been up to in the long grass but maybe that is why his eyes sparkle!

What a wonderful surprised look on his face. Super picture.

Lovely colourful work Jennifer

Do you know Lynn, I think he was caught being naughty! thank you for your comment.

Petra, thank you so much for your comment. This is a style I am trying to work on......it is certainly good fun!

The hare is full of character. I love the delicacy with which you've done the wild flowers, and the way you've harmonised the hare with the flowers in your use of colour.

Your comments are so much appreciated Kylia, especially at this time as I have been unable to paint for so long having broken some bones in my back. Think I will get back to it today!! Big thank you.

Hang on Studio Wall

Well the sun is out now, but when I started this is was a dank day so wanted to cheer myself up! Soft pastel on Canson Mi Teintes with pastel ground and isopropyl wash.

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