Disaster at saddleworth

Disaster at saddleworth

Excellent Jennifer. We used to live in Holmfirth, with in-laws in Manchester, so we know the area very well. Unbelievable what some folk with twisted minds will do.

It’s a tragedy Jen, a great image of currant events.....hope all will return to normal-ish for you as soon as possible.

Gosh Jen this is so good and so topical. It's a dreadful situation and there are so many happening at the moment, those poor fire fighters must be exhausted.

Such a tragedy and with no let up 😢 A great painting, Jen. You’ve captured the moment.

I feel so much for everyone who's involved and part of this big operation, it beggers belief that anyone can do this sort of thing on purpose they should be locked away for life, a good painting Jen that tells a very sad and distressing time.

Very good interpretation of this sad event. Have seen the plume of smoke whilst driving towards Stockport.

It is completely devastating. The worst is probably yet to come as now a load of grass trees shrubs etc have been destroyed, once it rains where the rainfall would normally be absorbed by all the greenery, there will be nothing to absorb the water now, and the fear is everywhere will flood once it does rain properly.

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Watercolour paint, soft pastels and micron pen detail on a4 mixed media paper. This has been entered into the waterways sketch comp, but i just couldnt resist showing you all as its so current and so devastating to everyone around where i live. Between this and winterhill which we can see also the air is awful, rhe energency services are stretched to breaking point, its tragic.

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