Hedgehog in winter

Hedgehog in winter

Hi Jason, tell Tim just love this one, love the brush work, cracking picture.

Not my kind of subject but love the way you captured this and so well painted

I certainly will Peter and i'm trying to convince him to upload his work to share with everyone but he won't so i'm doing it........And i agree Michael. Thank you for your comments.

This is just gorgeous, beautifull painted, please ask Jason to share more paintings with us.

So lovely and the bit of green colour adds more interest.

absolutely adorable and cute! totally sweet :-) would be a lovely christmas card design :-)

Not generally interested in pet/animal portraits but this really caught my eye. The subltle foreground/background really sets off the bright, beautifully painted hedgehog. A gem!

A really delightful piece, beautifully done.

what a sweetie, also not my sort of pic but i really, reallylike this. stick some holly on a spike and you haveinstant Christmas card.

Well I love hedgehogs and think this is brilliant! Like others I think this would be great for Christmas cards.

Are you sure that you're not this Tim? LOL Tim ought to show his work on this site as he might find as I do that he receives a lot of encouragement especially if he posts paintings such as this delightful hedgehog. I can't really think of a reason why he wouldn't want to but that's not for me to say as I don't know his circumstances but you can tell him from me that this painting is really good and I'd most certainly like to see more of his work, posted by him!

Not usually interested in 'cuty' type work but I must admit he is an adorable little chap, is he not?

What a brilliant watercolour, super brushwork, what a talented guy Tim is.

Tim/Jason, your hedgehog is beautifull painted and I love the textural brush strokes of his spines.

This is so cute and so well painted too :)

Thank you everyone, i have sent Tim a link to this so he can see the generous comments left and i know he'll be overwhelmed and you never know he may join us here and post his work under his own name :) And i can reassure you all he does really exist and it is not me posting under a pseudonym.

Absolutely adorable. It's so well painted with just enough detail but not overdone. This woudl make a fantastic Christmas card; I'll order 100 to start with LOL

This would be great for the Christmas painting competition!

Hang on Studio Wall

Another addition to Tims portfolio here is his Hedgehog in winter.

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