Weymouth Prom completed

Weymouth Prom completed

I like the perspective of this, it makes the picture very strong

Yes! It's worked so well. Look forward to seeing more of your beach work.

Phew! Glad you have a copy of the other one. This one is very good but I still think the other one was inspired. To have the restraint to leave the first one as it was would have been my goal, but you have to do what you think is right in the end as it is your painting. Hope your customers enjoy deciding between the two versions!

Thank you Thea. Already sold this version, as i said in the last posting never really thought about the effect and impact an image has whilst in an incomplete stage! Until it was pointed out to me by two work collegues....so will explore that more.

Hang on Studio Wall

Thank you for your honest and passionate replies to the 1st posting. After looking at this dilemma i had decided to complete the composition in its entirety. Don't panic Thea i had the 1st version scanned and printed to give potential customer the option of buying that version. Really enjoyed this one and i have some more in the pipeline set around the beach.

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