Diamond Queen

Diamond Queen

I watched a programme on TV last night called Our Queen and you have captured the whole feeling of that tribute to Her Majesty. Lovely portrait, super soft colours and I am sure she would approve. Perhaps send it to her?

I also entered the same competition. I even E-mailed The Daily Mail and asked who the winner was and have never had a reply, very strange for a national competition.

Hang on Studio Wall

The Daily Mail had a competition 'Can You Paint the Queen' shortly after the Jubilee celebrations last year. Since then, I heard nothing more as to how many people went in for it or what the winning picture was like, which is a shame. Not that I thought I'd actually win, but it's fun to compete and see what the general public is capable of. If anyone has ever heard what happened, I'd love to know. My portrait is life size but framed in a rectangular frame so that there is a deep border at the bottom, which gives it gravitas!

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