I'm not very sociable today

I'm not very sociable today

Bless her. I can only imagine how this dear elderly person feels, it's all to come our way, no doubt. You have lovely pen work, James. Its nice to see art work from a persons working life, very interesting and you present it well.

Yes CA, James was right on it and you too. I remember my spell in hospital and doing sketches, the nurses and staff were no problem, I did check with some of the patients first and got one NO

James, this sums it up. I've had relatives in that situation. As C.A. said, we all have it to come. Your choice of colours and materials evoke the atmosphere. Well done.

Posted by Ian Fair on Sun 14 Dec 21:50:46
Hang on Studio Wall

she was politely telling me to clear off. all part of the hospital chaplain's terrain. remembered encounter sketched in moleskin journal with fine liner and brush pens later

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