white house

white house

Lovely landscape drawing James you are brilliant at drawing these they show off your skill so well you make it look so easy, love the gouache house

Lovely couple of drawings, with excellent tonal work and atmosphere.

i agree, it does give a good tooth for nib work, :-) do you mean the the carboard packaging is the surface? if so, it is what i also use and find it very good. The packaging i use though most, is the sheets of cardboard in between the milk cartons we get :-) i love that artist can recycle things into a canvas :-) i look forward to seeing more of your work :-) have you used other recyled surfaces?

Thank you all for your ecouragement. Rebecca, yes it is the cardboard packaging which provides the surface, I've nevre done that before but now fell inspired to do so.Thanks,

Hang on Studio Wall

Recycled Amazon card cut to A5: sepia ink nib pen and white gouache; the card gives a nice tooth for working on with a nib!

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