interrupted lunch

interrupted lunch

Lively sketch James.

Nice to see your work again James . Though it is possible that you have been posting and I have just missed it. <br />You are still loose and lively I like the minimalist wash on this one. Somehow it seems larger than you have done in the past !!! <br />I suppose being a clerical sort of guy is like a G P friend of mine on holiday telling people his job. . The world and his wife queue up with their problems and troubles. <br />Answer..... A big , all enveloping scarf . <br />

Smashing sketching and choice of tone James. It looks like he is asking &quot;you paintin me mush?&quot;

Lovely loose, almost dancing lines James.

This appeals to me a lot James, so simple but so well observed and well thought out.

Hang on Studio Wall

a "selfie": I forgot to remove clerical collar in the hospital diner: it seesm to be a magnet for unsolicited attention

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I'm an amateur artist. not entirely self-taught as I attended portrait classes for some years. There I learned how to look carefully. There's not much opportunity for posed portraiture now, but as an avid observer and sketcher I try to capture moments, movements, postures , scenery, atmospheres…

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