Ruhr Valley and Berger Memorial from the south

Ruhr Valley and Berger Memorial from the south

I like this Holger. The perspective, colour tones and movement attract the eye. Nice...

Holger I really like that bridge and the train coming into view. An interesting piece you have done here. The building is very well constructed. Contrast is a bit flat throughout over all. But that may have something to do with the photograph you took of this piece. Yes I did get the action of the dog from a photograph. My birds I do I get action shots with my camera the best I can. Then adapt them for paintings. However drawing and painting is firmly based on observation. I use a lot of sketch books. When I am out I observe, dogs birds or people then draw what I have seen. its difficult at first but with practise you develop a keen sense of seeing, you can kind of hold what you saw in your mind then commit it to paper. Photography is a great help, but i say do not copy from it. Use it by all means its good reference.

Thank you for the comments. It was an experiment wether I can combine things that you observe all in one when you are there, but that you cannot photograph on one picture, because they are in different angles. Yes the tones are a little weak, this is of often my "problem".

Posted by Holger . on Fri 04 Mar 21:34:11
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Summer 2015, Watercolour 44x56cm

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I am a hobby painter. I try to capture my impressions of the landscape, the atmosphere and a little bit the inner of my self. Being an engineer in the automotive industry, I enjoy it very much to switch to something totally different. On my business travels to UK I detected leisure painter…

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