I don't like this / I love the buildings

I don't like this / I love the buildings

I think the girl is a key presence Henry, it tells a story. Effect distant buildings.

I like it I think the girl is fine , but I'd remove her and the fence. Slightly show more water add a few well placed suggested boats and one or two gulls olive the buildingt

Thanks very much Carole and Dennis. Much appreciated. Sure Dennis (lol) - if only I had the time.

It should say I love the buildings

I love the buildings and the whole piece Henry

You have a stern critic at home Henry! I think this works well, with the girl admiring the N.Y. Skyline.

Great mark making Henry. Those marks on the girls back make whole image tick.

Like the story it's telling and the fence does detract from all the verticals.effective nonetheless.

Like it overall Henry, fence possibly could be a bit less prominent, but I still like the picture

Thanks very much Dennis, Stephen, John. Andre and David. Much appreciated. I've amended the title Dennis.

The buildings are gorgeous and the girl too but for me the railing is a bit rustic compared to the modern outlook of the rest of the scenery. Well, that's only my humble opinion Henry. Your little boy has a good eye.

Thanks very much Satu. Much appreciated. It's nice to have some constructive feedback and this piece is certainly delivering that.

Splendid work Henry, I think the girl adds that special something.

Thanks very much Margaret. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

"I don't like this". That's what my five year old said when I showed him this piece. Then he had a closer look and said " I like the buildings but I don't like the girl". Very quick one. Corel Painter 2017 and Wacom Intuos pen tablet

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