Islay Woollen Mill

Islay Woollen Mill

That's another beauty Henry has lovely sense of movement and great colours

It is not what it is but the way it has been brought to life, in terms of the colour and brush technique. Creative piece Henry.

Love the mixture of dark and lights and those warm ochres .great job.

The brushwork is superb and with the palette it's a great view

Excellent work Henry, you are a master at digital painting.

Beautiful colours, light and subject, Martin.

Thanks very much Dermot, John, Andre, Dennis, Derek, Margaret and Cesare. Much appreciated. You're much too kind Margaret.

Beautiful Henry very lovely work indeed

Thanks very much David. Much appreciated.

Thanks very much Gudrun. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

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Henry Martin

Photographer and Film Maker. 29. Married with a 5 year old son. I paint on my IPad and Desktop . I have a great love for nature especially birds and flowers. Love seafood and good beer. Can't dance. Spiritual and a free spirit. Left Milan 7 years ago and haven't returned to Europe since. Maybe it's…

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