After V.

After V.

Beautiful painting, Guy.

Lovely work Guy!

Thank you Seth...

Thank you Margaret, it was a privilege to work on it...

Thanks Sylvia....

Just love this painting and you have mastered it brilliantly 😀

Thank you so much Linda, it haunted me since I was little and I said I would paint her one day... and perhaps learn.

That’s really good, Guy.

Lovely work, Guy

As a copy this is the best one I've seen ( there are some pretty horrific versions around). You've got a translucent quality to her face, well done. I saw the original in The Hague just over a year ago. I've never painted this but I have painted The Milkmaid and really enjoyed doing it and learning from it I hope.

Thanks so much Ellen...

Thank you Thalia.....

Thanks MarJorie.... I am afraid my photography is not good and as you can probably see she is out of focus! It is wonderful privilege to be able to work on something so superb.. It is also interesting how many pictures , supposedly of the original vary in colour and tone.... I was working with three references and had a lappy open with a picture before she had been restored and still...... well you know! Hey having spent so long on her I am sure it is NOT a pearl earring! It is silver... Vermeer was far too much of a master to have that level of reflection on a pearl!!! The earring shows the reflection of her collar, find me that on a pearl! Those so called EXPERTS will wake up one day and change the name!

I agree with you there but I never dared think the experts might be wrong!

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