Portrait in pencil


I saw this too. You've captured a v good likeness as well.

Before I saw what you'd written I thought Samira Ahmed - very good.

This is a beautiful addition to your impressive portrait gallery, Gudrun.

I can see the likeness Gudrun, excellent.

Beautifully captured, Gudrun.

Beautiful portrait, Gudrun.

This is a superb portrayal Gudrun. As always you give such a strong sense of presence in your portraits. You have a gift for it.

Thank you Diane for your kind comments and encouragement. You must have been writing as I responded to Dennis!

Hang on Studio Wall
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Remembrance Sunday 2 minute's silence with Samira Ahmed and Geoffrey Harrison during the Portrait Artist of the Week. Really good discussions during this session. 20x20cm, pencil, archival as always; terrible light as always for photo.

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"The good painter has to paint two principal things, that is to say, man and the intention of his mind. The first is easy and the second difficult, because the latter has to be represented through gestures and movements of the limbs." (MK388) From: Leonardo da Vinci: The Graphic Work, p16, J…

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