Sunset city

Sunset city

Love this, David. I’ve just prepared an acrylic with tissue paper....not used tissue before, but used collage quite a bit.

Thank you Ellen, To be more accurate the tissue paper is actually kitchen paper and along with the newspaper and card were pva glued to the canvas before covering with generous coats of Gesso. For me the idea behind the application of paper is to produce subtle texture effects underneath the paint. I woul really like to see your acrylic when you have posted it.

Looks great, David. I bet it looks even better in the "flesh" with all the textural work adding to the atmosphere of the place. I like the colours and the contrasting light and dark. Brian

To be honest Brian they all look better in real life.

Really like this....great colour & atmosphere. Love the sky! I’m rather fond of taking a ‘mistake’ & painting over with white emulsion, using the bumps & lumps from my first painting. More you do it the better it gets! However will be borrowing your kitchen paper etc to see where that takes me,..

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on newspaper, tissue, card and canvas

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