Empty Buses [during lockdown]

empty buses

My sister wrote the poem of our 92 year old mother's experience during lockdown which inspired me to do this little watercolour to go with it. Not my usual medium and not a perfect painting either but one that I think matches the text perfectly. hope you agree

Very good poem and painting Geri. We are also on a bus route and see the mostly empty buses now passing. They used to be packed with tourists going round the Cotswolds, but not now. Very strange.

Hang on Studio Wall

Empty Buses She watched them watching her Staring across the street while waiting for the bus At least it seemed that way to her Watching them, as they waited, Eyes unfocused on the watcher behind the window Just looking, simply looking out instead of down And now, there are no waiting watchers to watch And they are missed, like old friends, Those other old ladies who took the bus downtown But now no-one is waiting and the bus rolls by, empty.

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