Preening oystercatchers (pastel)

Preening oystercatchers (pastel)

This is lovely Emma.q

Lovely work Emma, don’t think you need much help, going by this!

Good job! Use Pastel Mat paper or the wrong side of Canson Mi Teintes.- with a lot of pastel paper you will fight with the texture. there was an article in a recent edition of The Artist Magazine, that recommended sanded paper. You can use fixative between layers of colour, but add your lightest lights last, without fixative. I often "fix" mine by steaming them over a kettle as there is no colour shift with this method.

Thanks Carole and Stephen! Linda - thanks for that advice, I was horrified when I sprayed it and all the lights disappeared! I'll try the kettle next time.

Posted by Emma P on Tue 09 Apr 18:34:48

Lovely pastel work Emma. The thing I don’t care for with some pastel papers is the texture of the paper that shows through. I concur with Linda ref using the wrong side of the Canson paper but my favourite so far to use pastel, is Uart (400) sanded paper.....brilliant for holding the pastel. I never fix mine, keeps the colours vibrant and fresh. Double mount any that I have framed.

Thanks Fiona - looks like I'll be going shopping :)

Posted by Emma P on Tue 09 Apr 19:44:37
Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel drawing, A4 size. Any advice on pastels much appreciated!

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