Study of Ian Cumberland - BP Portrait Awards 2013

Study of Ian Cumberland - BP Portrait Awards 2013

Edward, you raise an interesting question, but first I think your portrait is remarkable piece of work; I thought I was looking at oil painting. You raise the question of saving time; nothing is free and question is at what cost? Maybe the cost would be the hidden things about the use of paint, the movement of arm, the sense of smell, and the whole physicality of painting (and drawing!).

Stunning of course Edward, the work you will have had to do to get this portrait to look this good is amazing, the detail you can capture in the 4 hours you spent on it is great, and you are right of course, who knows how long into the future people will want to paint and draw traditionally, only time will tell !

Hi Edward,your transcription of the portrait is excellent , and the question you raise is a good one.Good art practise often involves sustained observation over a period of time,all sorts of thought processes are engaged ,and the artist will arrive at the finished work.Using an i.pad ,and the rapid image making technique will deny the artist this experience.It is for the artist to decide whether this experience is important.I think there will always be the desire for the traditional approach to painting,but must say you have mastered this new technique.

You're right. Even though I use emails a lot, there's also the desire to post letters at the post office :).

Startlingly good version, first of all (though that lad needs the attention of a good dentist and hygienist!) and as to your question: well, I hope not - I hope both forms can live and develop together. I don't know if I could paint on an Ipad, I've never tried it (somebody, buy me one....) but the pleasures and frustrations of physically handling brushes, knives, and paint are surely irreplaceable.

You're right. Just as our childhood is surely irreplaceable , but life keeps changing and one has to leave those good times and memories behind :)

This is wonderful but for me I like the sheer experience of handling the paint and the smell of my studio. I hope there will be a place for both types of art. I don't want to save time on my painting though I want to spend time on it.

You're right, there will always be a place for the new and the old.

Excellent study. There is no right or wrong answer, but I like using "materials", tangible things.

You're right. Yet tangible and intangible compliment each other. Eg. The air we breath and our body, wireless technology and computers without which life and the Internet will not be possible.

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The original took Ian Cumberland 1month to complete and this iPad version took 4hrs and it can be printed on a canvas of the same size as the original. Hence the question, will iPad painting save artist time for executing large scale work in future!

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