I love your abstracts, Dennis, the colour effects are wonderful - what's the mixed media in this one? Is it acrylic and pastel? It's a lot more than a doodle. The light blue towards the top of the painting draws the viewer in. Needs to be exhibited, me thinks!

A quite spectacular piece of work Dennis. doodle??. Stunning.

Many thanks Pat and Andre acrylic watercolour pastel. Started off as a building but poor so I built up Many layer and this emerged.

great result dennis very vibrant David Harrison

Many thanks David very much appreciated

Great piece Dennis, love the lace-like darks.

Many thanks Carole very much appreciated

I find this very calming, not sure why, may be the soft colours.

Whatever you do Dennis it's always fresh and exciting....great doodle.

I have to admit, it's all a bit beyond me Dennis, but what I see is like the photos you see of the galaxy or cosmic gas clouds! , but it is very vibrant and the dark on the edges give some real sence of depth.

Many thanks Margaret Fiona and Michael not to worry it's not compulsory

It's true, every one of your paintings has something extra to think about and this one too. In a painting that's the most important thing methinks.

A lovely abstract painting Dennis, again the colours are wonderful

I like the depth and layers of colour and I like it overall, although the title has me foxed! I can't see woman in there unless you are portraying the complexities of woman! Nevertheless I like it!

Sorry I meant Malcolm. Many thanks Marjorie David and Janet yes the essence in colour

Like the marks and subtle colouring Dennis.

Nice painting again Dennis beautifully applied and technically Superb, it reminds me in some ways of Dan Mccaw

Me again Dennis I like how you start something and can evolve and change as you go , you obviously take advantage of it naturally looking like this or that and so you should , however this only happens if you are a masterful artist with sound technical skills and a painters eye , fory money your the finest artist on the gallery and I very much admire you and your skill , there now I've said it. Lol

Don't know how to follow that but your painting is very appealing in colour texture and shapes.

It's all been said Dennis. It's a really interesting combination of marks, colours and tones and it sparkles. Well done again Dennis.

I would like doodle as you do, Dennis. Wonderful colours.

Doodle some more Dennis - this is a great outcome.

Many thanks John Dennis Helen George Cesare if I was Dennis i would have to be a millionaire no I think I am on the bottom end there are many admirable and great artists here and you would take some beating Dennis

All I am able to do Michael the pain is getting terrible

Multi images in here dennis and thecolours are smashing

Hang on Studio Wall

Mixed media doodle

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