Disturbing somehow, but compelling! I bet it's tricky with oil pastel and then smoothing with turps.

Yes my impulsiveness tends to get a bit messy and it gets everywhere but you can do it on your knee many thanks Gudrun


Posted by T H on Wed 28 Feb 18:00:06


Many thanks Timothy I'm playing in the premier league now

Not easy Dennis not easy mate quite enjoing these smaller works

May I share something I have learned about oil pastels they are really soft in a warm house my other one they were always hard because cold. So warm them up

These are tricky little suckers to work with. I threw mine out but should've been more patient if this is anything to go by. Very impressive expressionism. AND what a good tip. Brian

Thanks very much Brian and I'm glad you enjoyed my little tip I will try to add more if of relevance.

Just remembered the blacks are soft pastel

Great oil pastel portrait, Dennis. She looks slightly far eastern/Chinese. A good tip for oil pastels, thank you, I like using them but they’re tricky.

Hard medium to work with Dennis but you produced success.

Wow she looks so good Dennis.

Very powerful Dennis. So glad you are enjoying these smaller works and great oil pastel result.

Yes perfect for when you are too tired many thanks Ellen Michael Margaret and Sandra much appreciated

Thanks for the tip Dennis, I once tried oil pastel and turps but it didn’t work this well for me.....super portrait! How did your move go, a change of area or a change of house?

Both Fiona I have the best of both worlds now many thanks

Interesting oriental portrait, inspiring people to try other mediums. A lot will be grateful ,myself included for the insight and the titbits of information in the production of these works. Lovely work Dennis, always great to view.

Yes I'm going for the look Andre not even trying to make a likeness most people are a likeness at base very kind sir

I tried oil pastel with oil then with nail varnish remover. Didn't work. Awesome portrait Dennis!

Posted on Wed 28 Feb 20:51:28

Many thanks Ibolya you are human after all

A very intriguing picture Dennis....great use of soft oil pastels!

Many thanks Chandra much appreciated

Very good work. Good expressive eyes

Many thanks David much appreciated

A striking image, Dennis. I've read the comments with interest. Whatever the medium this is a great image that deserves the attention it's received. Wonderful expression and character.

Well done Dennis, you can do anything!

Too kind Lewis I keep having a change Carole very much appreciated

I love those skin colours - Dennis, I'm so frustrated, I'm stuck in Yorkshire, can't get home, can't paint and I see all these lovely postings! But I am near Salt's Mill so money is being spent and I can look at Hockney!

I like it Dennis full of drama

Oh Dear I know what you mean Marjorie and many thanks Dermot much appreciated

Many thanks Satu so kind

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil pastel turpentine

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