The house where I grew up

The house where I grew up

I'd love to have a go at painting my house but wouldn't know where to start. I think you've done a great job of yours Crispian, it's a very crisp painting and suits the style of house.

the precision in painting the fence is enviable.

Beautiful house and painting

Thank you for your comments. I have to confess that the fence took a couple of goes to get right.

Hello Crispian - thanks for your comment on my Bloomsbury Square painting. I had a look at the satellite image of Russell Square as you suggested... I bet that frightened the pigeons! I like this painting too - its a great skill to make a good picture out of a relatively ordinary view, but you've succeeded here. The fence was definitely worth the time spent on it!

Hi Crispian- thanks for your post on my painting 'Just Another Day'. I do like this painting of yours- I grew up in similar house in Blackpool in the 1960s/70s. Was your house a 1920's build? It's the kind of backdrop that sneaks into my own paintings at times- take a look at 'The Temptations of Travel' and 'Summertime Blues' in my gallery. Happy memories.

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16x12" a few challenges to overcome in this one, but overall quite pleased with it.

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