Durham in snow

Durham in snow

Again, your calligraphic abiltiy serves you well in the tree - I don't know about this for sure, but feel a little more definition in the cathedral would have helped; I have a feeling that in this cold winter light, certain detail, picked out here and there, might have been sharper. However, you were there and I wasn't.

I like this painting a lot Crispian, it has got something solid and reassuring in it. The stillness of the air and the cold snow are so touchable. Very good!

That's lovely, Crispian. It reminds me rather of a Bruegel. I think it's the colours, and the tree.

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A study contrasting the height of the cathedral with the height of the tree in winter light

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When I was at school in the 60's or 70's we were never taught art properly and it was a wasted opportunity. You would never give someone a violin and say "Have a go and see how you get on" with no tuition of basic techniques. However, we did go for lectures at the Tate and there I learnt to…

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