The Keene Hall, Galleywood, Essex.

The Keener Hall, Galleywood 2

Another good one Colin

Thank you Heather.

Works very well Colin, the trees frame the quaint building, which isn't over detailed. Perhaps one of your students entering the building, might give additional interest?

Hang on Studio Wall

Having a break from painting commission so decided to paint my local Council Hall in Galleywood. Having organised and tutored course here for maony years it holds lots of happy memories. There is a video showing how this watercolour is painted in my YouTube channel and the Painters Online community video section.

For Sale

Price: £80 unframed
Picture Size: 11 x 15 inches
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Colin Steed

Website: I started painting as a hobby back in the 1970's experimenting with all mediums. After a while I found watercolour and most recently Acrylic, suited my way of doing things. It's clean to use, dries quickly and with a small amount of materials you can capture a scene in…

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