Finchingfield Village

Finchingfield Village

Lovely work once again Colin.

You could have developed this a lot more - eg, adding texture and detail to the bridge, and more definition to the windows. As you know, of course... would the painting have said more, if you had? These are the questions to which there's no obvious answer! I certainly don't have one - if this had been one of mine, I'd have done just that - but you've clearly made a conscious decision not to, because you're very plainly well capable of adding as much detail as you'd want to. (This is beginning to sound critical, but isn't meant to be at all: when you've said what you wanted to say, why go on to fill in the obvious? Still - I'd be interested to see you're thinking here.)

Thank you for your comment Robert, very thought provoking. The first thing's that come into my mind when I look at a chosen subject are, composition, light, tone, colour and simplification. I endeavour to capture light in the simplest way possible. My moto is 'why use three brush stokes when two will describe that passage of the subject. The more detail you add to one area the more you need in every part of a painting. Should you paint every brick you would need to paint blades grass, and so on. I admire highly detailed works but that's not for me. I always tell my painting friends, 'if you are looking to paint clean, fresh looking watercolour then paint three in a day rather that take all week painting one.

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Free Demonstration. A NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY, 8th December 2019. On the 8th December 2019 I will be demonstrating my style of watercolour painting. I will be in the Gallery from 11am to 1pm. and 2pm. to 4pm. so come along during those times. For all details and information about the day please contact Mary. E: [email protected] W: I would love to meet you all. See you there, Colin.

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Website: I started painting as a hobby back in the 1970's experimenting with all mediums. After a while I found watercolour and most recently Acrylic, suited my way of doing things. It's clean to use, dries quickly and with a small amount of materials you can capture a scene in…

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