HMS Defence underway

HMS Defence underway

i like your detailed drawings chris, purhaps you could do the titanic for its 100 years, im sure you will do an exellent job

another excellent drawing Chris. I'm slightly miffed that I can't make out more detail, as it's a facinating ship with a great history. It's a tough call I know, but I would like less "sea" and more boat. Which doesn't distract from a really good drawing. Incidently, my previous question about size - yes I was talking about the paper, not the ship. 45000 tons - now thats seriously heavy weight paper!

I would love to have more "ship" and less sea and one way to do this would be an aerial view. This I have tried but only sea-level pictures of the Defence are available so I would have to create a 3d picture from these, so to speak. It is quite difficult especially getting the perspective right.

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My interest in this ship stems from the fact my grandmother's cousin was her captain at Jutland and perished with all the ship's company when the ship was hit by a salvo from a German battleship and blew up.

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I started to paint seriously when I retired and attended a weekly class for a few years. After our teacher retired, our group continued to meet and we have found that this helps and encourages us. We have visiting artists to give workshops every month. I have tried all mediums except oils and loveā€¦

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