Great line and wash Carolyn, well done!

Thank you Margaret, i really enjoyed painting this one!

Works well Carolyn I like it. Well done

A good feel to this. Very illustrative.....if there is such a word. If I might just add a small constructive thought ..or two cos I'm like that. Mix your blues and greens a bit more to get them a little less flat and look at your shadows, lights and darks. E.g. The dark wall on the left is just a tad too prominent. Use the squinty eye technique to sort the shadows. 😉

Thank you for the good advice Sylvia...could you advise me on how to mix the greens and blues and.......what is the squinty eye technique? I value any advice as I am new to this game. I see what you mean about the wall, perhaps I have tried to follow the photo too much. Having said that I did change the wall on the right which was also very dark.

Squinty eye technique....contort your eyes and nose( well a form of gurning ) then squint through your eyelashes. That way you see only the lights and dark s. Mix your blues and greens don't use them straight out of your paint box much more exciting colours ,various yellows and blues ...chuck a bit of violet in as well. Have a practise mixing colour swatches, oh it's an exciting world. And being a complete know it all and pain in the bum...throw out your black/ Paynes grey....ugh colours . Just mix your own... Now completely ignore me or go enjoy. 🙃

Ha ha Sylvia. I will go and enjoy.....and have to say the squinty eye the technical terminology...really does work. Thank you. More advice is always welcomed😀


Hang on Studio Wall

Today I have been playing with watercolour line and wash. The place is Bruges and the image is painted from a photograph that I took some time ago.

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I am a retired Physical Eduction Teacher of 33 years. Having always regretted choosing to study Physics O' Level over Art, (and not having done any artwork since then apart from doodling during meetings!...) I decided on my retirement in August 2016 that it was time to start drawing and painting…

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