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This is beautiful Carolyn. Such amazing detail with the feathers. What is the indentation method?

Fantastic pencil work Carolyn. I’m intrigued as to this indentation method.

Wonderful feather detail in this Carolyn. Like the other comments I am not familiar with the indentation method you mention.

Amazing detail Carolyn, those feathers are brilliant

Hi all, thank you for your lovely comments. I used a small screwdriver (because I don’t have an indentation tool) to ‘draw’ the lines of the feathers on the blank paper. It is easier to see with a light at one end of the paper. Then layer a B pencil on its side over the areas gradually building up the layers to the value you want. The graphite shouldn’t go into the indentations and leaves the paper white. After that just layer, shade with darker pencil. It is time consuming but I think effective.

Stunning drawing Carolyn, wonderful detail. I’ve used this method on a couple of tree trunk drawings, I use an old ballpoint pen that has run out of ink. Because of the ball in the biro it leaves a smoother indentation rather than a hard edged one. You’ve used the method to great effect here.

Thank you Fiona. I did start by using an old biro but after a while it started working again so I went back to my little screwdriver😂

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B 2B and 6B pencil on DR cartridge heavyweight paper. Used the indentation method and really pleased with it. Had a bit of patience for once! Original reference photograph courtesy of Carl Royall

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