Thank you for this - so encouraging that spring is on the way. Also interesting to see gouache used like this. A really lovely painting!

Thank you Fiona.

I would like to second Fiona's comments on this painting. It is so refreshing on such a dull drizzly day.

Brilliantly rendered painting Brendan

An absolute wonder of greens....so beautifully painted.

A lovely painting indeed Brendan, I think we are all looking forward to spring

Fabulous painting Brendan, so many beautiful greens!

Lovely work Brendan.

Truly beautiful I love it! Did you use black support to paint this on Brendan?

Really lovely painting. I wondered the same as Carole as I think gouache would work on black. Whatever, it's a beauty :)

Hi Carole, I didn't use a black ground or undercoat. I used a piece of mountboard which I washed with a light to mid-grey colour and a little acrylic medium to render it waterproof. I then built up the dark underpainting using a very deep green mixed with black and yellow, but varing this with some pure black and purple areas as well. In essence it is a little like the oil painting process but much qicker!

Really nice work, dark and lights just zing.

What superb work!

Hang on Studio Wall


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