The Meadow

The Meadow

I'm not sure why you think pastels are not for you Brian when you can produce something as lovely as this. I really like it. Well done. I've not yet been brave enough even to try pastels!!

Carol has said just what I was thinking Brian......I think it's a very successful pastel, in fact I'm envious of your ability to get depth into your landscape, where I fail to do. I love the foreground mix of strokes to represent rough grasses and the colour you've chosen to's lively and loose and damn good!

Thanks Carol and Fiona.

Certainly keep persevering with your pastels, this is a lovely painting, I'm sure you have more in you.

Hang on Studio Wall

Beginning to think pastels aren't for me but I'll keep persevering

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I'm a 59yr old self taught amateur artist from Cardiff. Currently work as a school caretaker . I mainly work in watercolour .I like to paint outdoors when possible and visit the Lake District a few times a year to indulge this. Hope you enjoy perusing my attempts and all praise and critisism is…

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