Arnside view

Arnside view

Looks better with people giving it motion

Fab-u-lous Brian! Gorgeous light.

Lovely painting Brian.

The comments were right and it's definitely helped, good on you for revisiting the piece. I think this sort of scene is the way to go. On the next one try the two thirds rule and add more sky and see what happens

Hang on Studio Wall

Repost after reading Haidee-Jo's book and Christine Pybus's article in October 's Leisure Painter and added some life to the painting. Still learning.

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I'm a 59yr old self taught amateur artist from Cardiff. Currently work as a school caretaker . I mainly work in watercolour .I like to paint outdoors when possible and visit the Lake District a few times a year to indulge this. Hope you enjoy perusing my attempts and all praise and critisism is…

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