Wisdom is the result of healed pain.

Wisdom is the result of healed pain.

Manashree, this is so beautiful. Have you thought about writing a blog about your work. Not many artists are using this side of the website and I thought it would be lovely to develop it. I know we are all busy creating our works but I thought perhaps we could manage at least once a week. It would be great to learn how artists create. It could be amusing or anything you want. What do you think?

Thank you so much mam.. I would love to explore that as well. I need some time as this is also new for me. I dont use social media much and I am doing this also as its a part of magazine. But you can consider that as coming soon.. I also wish to share few things about my art as I never use brushes of good condition or with a round tip. I only use flat brushes and that is also with a bad condition which a normal artist discard. Blog would be a platform to share such ideas.

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Manashree Bosom Mitra

I acknowledge people as Divine souls in human bodies as we are blessed to be on Earth by God and if we were not blessed we might have been in hell. Thousands of desires, each worth dying for... many of them I have realized...yet I yearn for more... Like this statement, the art of Bosom…

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