Memory is a River

Memory is a River

I love "Ravens". your desire to achieve this theme is a Very Interesting approach.

Beautifully drawn as ever, Bonnie. I've thoroughly enjoyed your crow/raven theme. You've held fast to your resolution, I wish I could say the same.

Beautifully drawn Bonnie, love the very imaginative theme of this drawing, I also love the crow family especially Rooks they are such fantastic characters.

Sorry I didn't comment on the last few drawings that you did . due to reasons beyond my control. However I have now caught up with them all and I have to say I have enjoyed all of them. Wonderful collection and I admire the fact that you stayed with it. Happy New Year to you and I look forward to further drawings from you.

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Pencil Drawing

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Bonnie Helen Hawkins

My New Years resolution is to draw a new picture of a crow or raven every Monday for the whole year! 52 crows in total will be posted on my twitter account @BHHillustration. I am inviting interested people to send me short stories (max. 600 words) to accompany each drawing. If you have a story…

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