Still Waters

Still Waters

Just about to spring into life is the effect here Barry. Leaving aside your self criticism ( I know all about that) it works very well, a very nice painting.

Thank you Margorie, I think that when one is disappointed with you efforts it's good to get the views of others, as it's helps stop self criticism becoming destructive.

It doesn't look as though you had a tough time with this, and that is an achievement in itself. Its an accomplished and relaxed picture, with nice perspective and sparkling reflections, -all good!

I know what you mean Barry but the battle was worth it superb painting in every way.

Thank you for the reassurance Willie, I think it may be one of those that will grow on me.

Thank you Dennis, I really value your opinion.

I agree with the other comments, I think this works well, still has a watercolour feel to it. We have to be careful that we don't over criticise our own efforts but we do need too push ourselves also.

Thank you Stephen, you are correct watercolour is my favourite medium and my acrylics do generally reflect that.

I like it. It has its own special atmosphere.

I think it has a wonderful freshness about it Barry, and still has your signature looseness.

A super piece, with wonderful depth and an excellent composition.

Thank you Shirley, Fiona and Seok, for your comments and encouragement.

As others have said Barry, your struggle doesn't fact, it's a super painting, and the water is particularly good. I love the subtle colours you have used too, and the whole work looks relaxed and natural.

It looks great to me Barry, I like the reflections in the water.

Thank you Ann and Margaret you are all making me feel much better, perhaps it's going to be one of those that grows on me.

I think this is lovely, a quiet cool spot to walk by the river, enticing painting Barry, love it.

Thank you Carole, enjoy your walk.

Hang on Studio Wall

Wrestled with this acrylic all day yesterday probably ended up with a passable effort but not what I envisaged at the start of the process.

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