Like it.

Love the concept of this Margaret, really like it. I didn't catch your 'Viking' painting, just seen it on your gallery page......brilliant!

I too like this Margaret, love the greens, a great painting

A lovely painting, beautifully executed.

I always have trouble seeing pictures within pictures; those images you see of vases which turn into faces if looked at slightly differently - takes me an age to anything other than vases. So I knew I'd have trouble with this, and I did! I couldn't see the blessed Dryad at all, for minutes on end - then: bingo. I wonder why it takes me so long .... Leaving which aside, now I HAVE managed to see it properly - well done!

Thank you for that Robert, I like doing this sort of painting but I have a lot of ttrouble knowing whether I've made the picture within the picture too obvious or just not obvious enough. I can't tell myself because of course I know it's there - because I painted it in- and I see it all the time What I hope for is your reaction - you don't dee it at first and then - after a minute or so you do. Once you've seen it you can't not see it.

Yes, it's obvious now - but just wasn't (to me) at first. I think that's a testament to your having conveyed the overall shape, together with an indication of my peculiar eyesight's failure to pick up those very same shapes within shapes. I expect there's a name for this phenomenon! But do I really want to know what it is? I might just be embarrassingly literal.....

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This painting is a fusion between a scene in a corner of Wordsworth's Gardens at Grasmere and a statue of a dryad that I have standing outside my studio at home.

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A professional artist and art tutor. Also a Prifessional Associate and demonstrator for the SAA. Lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, on the edge of the Peak District National Park.

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