Bressenden Place and The Portland House, London

Bressenden Place and The Portland House, London

Superb painting bringing your architectural background to the fore. Lovely backing gallery too!

I do like your city scenes Anthony.

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Anthony Borzillo Lloyd Anthony Borzillo Lloyd is the artistic pseudonym of Antonio Borzillo. Really it is possible to assert with certitude what Anthony Borzillo Lloyd has always painted or drawn; he has had that natural predisposition of seeing the space around him and of fix it immediately on the paper or, still better, on a cloth. The environment that is around becomes for him an habitual continuity with his emotional sensitiveness, in a so direct way that from the simple observation through the imagination passes instantly to the gesture that then represents it and fixes it on the time. He has studied from much young painting, already like shop pupil, almost as in a Renaissance history, and from here, he has drawn the bases of his technical expression abilities, but he has then continued his formative run becoming at last an architect. And it is peculiar with the architecture that Anthony consolidates without any doubt a very narrow and important report; the architecture

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Anthony B. Lloyd

Biography Antonio Borzillo was born in 1967. He actually works under the pseudonym of Anthony B. Lloyd as a personal tribute to his beloved artistic homeland. During his first years of artistical activity he attended an art school managed by Addis Pugliese, a famous italian painter. Step…

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