"Time for the 25th amendment"

"Time for the 25th amendment"

Turncoat Saunders. Beautifully painted Andre. Love the background colours (not the White House).

You have caught the expression in his face so well Andre!

I understand why the world is as it is the only sane politician in America Bernie Sanders

Wonderful portrait, André, very well painted.

Thanks, Henry,Satu,Dennis,Gudrun and Cesare. Felt the need to paint ,watching news in America where fear is now a over riding concern amongst the free world . The 25 th amendment is in place to allow the senate and congress to replace a president deemed unfit to act out the duties bestowed upon him, one can only hope this lifeline or impeachment will rid the world of this terror.

Another really good portrait Andre

Not a fan of the man, but you captured the likeness very well. I like the painting better than the real thing!

The work is excellent. As far as the comment, I have had the word "Impeachment" at the front of my own thoughts.

Hang on Studio Wall

This afternoons portrait. Bernie Sanders. Oil on board 12x10

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