I guessed straight away who this was Andre. Maybe the blue shadow under her chin is a bit heavy? Then again I cannot do a portrait to save my life!

It's still very good Andre and I knew straight away who it was.

Not my favourite politician but it is a good likeness, well done Andre.

It's still easily recognisable, Andre and I like it. Is that meant to be a Scottish flag behind her? If so, the colours have been reversed and that could be quite symbolic after her "Referendum 2" speeches this week.

I know what you mean about losing the likeness Andre, one little touch....but you haven't lost it, it's obvious who she is. The jaw line is perhaps a bit heavy that's all.

No need to guess who she is Andre! A good portrait.

Thanks for the comments everyone . It felt like a wasted 5 hours, but it's all part of the learning I guess. Perhaps too much blue was used in the shadows, giving her slightly manly features. As for the symbolism.. As capt. Mainwearing once said ..I was wondering who would spot that . Perhaps give it another go. Again thanks for those comments.

It is a good portrait, André, and there is a good likeness. I well know the frustration of the portraitist, but even when there is not so much likeness, I find portraits are a good exercise.

Well its not that far off. She is not quite so chubby faced thats all Andre.

Enough of a likeness to inform immediately, Andre. You've done a very creditable job.

Hang on Studio Wall

18x14 oil on board, one of those had the likeness, lost the likeness and never got it back. The frustrations of portrait painting

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