The 'B' team.

The 'B' team.

Andre, you're lucky they didn't leave while you were painting them. When I find a suitable subject, they always flee! Great sketch and nice composition.

Posted on Fri 26 Jan 13:04:51

Nice one, Andre...and a welcome forecast of warmer days ahead.

Thank you Ibolya, Lewis and Michael...yes looking forward to spring and the start of crown green season.

As I write this comment ‘ himself’ is watching the bowls championships on the tv! I’m a bowling widow from April until I like to go and watch sometimes, never thought of taking my sketchbook. I like this very much Andre you have caught the typical body language.

Lovely figure work Andre, You managed to catch them well

Their unpresuming expressions are just great Andre.

A good group and a good rendition

Three men in a seat. Oh a boat it was. Vibrant one Andre.

Great work Andre, the tales they could tell.

Hang on Studio Wall

Today's sketch . Oil on board 16x12.

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