Beamish Pit village

Beamish pit village

Lovely story and painting Alan. (I spent a very enjoyable day there with my husband.)

Beautiful it's like a photo!

Great use of an oblong canvas, like it a lot

Wonderfully done.

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I found a load of lovely smooth flat pieces of wood and I thought I'll have those to paint on. This is the first one from those boards and I chose a long scene from Beamish Museum of their pit village. Luckily for me I took my reference photos late in the evening during a winter season so the lights were coming on which I loved the look of making me think of coming home to a lovely fire during the dark nights when I was young.

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Alan Davis

I'm an artist living in Co Durham, I prefer painting in oil, mainly for the vibrant colours and how the oil can be manipulated. I love doing landscapes but have done numerous portraits.

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