Very old maple door

Very old maple door

Another lovely painting, Alain! I like the contrast of light and shadow.

My favourite I think. There's lots of tonal contrast which gives it volume. Lovely textures.

Yes, I agree Alain. In France watercolour isn't really considered art by the majority and especially when it's Figuratif! I did surprise some local artists at a recent Salon with my subjects.... I've been invited to some more Salons so there's hope! And I sold "Peeling Paint". Try looking at the work of Thierry Duval - it's "sublime"! Here your work will be appreciated. Bon courage !

merci pour tes encouragements Avril.j'adore les aquarelles de Thierry me demande si derriere l'aquarelliste, ne sommeile pas un architete.j'aurais d'autres noms à citer (j'en dis du bien donc) Roland Bertin Gilbert Abric et comme je t'n ai parlé Roland Sanchez

You have a wonderful gallery of these old and peeling doors. Beautifully and sensitively painted.

This is very, very beautiful, Alain. I agree with Avril, this is my favourite too!

Great painted shadows on your beautiful wooden doorway.

Just had a wander through your lovely gallery and this one jumped out at me. The texture you have achieved on the door and the light and shade really make this one for me. Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my watercolour rose.

Superb old decaying wood Alain

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolor on "Montval", cold pressed, 300g, 18 x 25 cm. From a personnal photo.

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