Opera House view

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Hang on Studio Wall
I'm painting a couple who climbed the Sydney harbour bridge, so have beem sketching it out this afternoon. I think that I'm going to reposition the opera house, to fill the space a bit more.
Nice drawing...that’s what artistic licence is all about. 
Beautiful drawing, I can imagine the opera house in the background, it will look great.
That’s looking really good Helen. Will you paint the couple first and then the opera house background, or work on both together?
I tend to do a bit of both, Tessa! I'm towards completion of this now. Just sent a close-up of the faces to the client and his wife doesn't like her husbands nose, so have a minor adjustment to make!
Great piece of work Helen. Fantastic perspective in the background and wonderful detail in the two figures. I’m sure they will both be very pleased with the result. 
Wonderful work Helen. I am sure they will be delighted with this. Although we don’t know the couple, there is plenty here for the eye to wander around in the background: almost two paintings in one!
Amazing, Helen!  I’m dizzy looking at it.  The water looks really good.  You have included the hotel that I stayed at too!  Opera house is well placed and highly recognisable as is the ferry.  The figures look as though they are having a good time.  I bet they are pleased.
It looks amazing Helen. I'm sure the clients will be over the moon with this piece of art work.
Hope they're happy with the snoot now!  It's a very impressive double portrait, with fantastic detail beyond.  
Fabulous, I’m sure your clients will be delighted.  
The water was a bit of a pain, but I ended up experimenting with a lot of thin layers of acrylic mixed with a bit of matt medium. I think the background took longer than the people to be honest (and I'm not a lover of painting landscapes!).