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Have you tried digital art before?

Yes and I enjoyed it - 85 votes - 25%

Yes but it wasn't for me - 45 votes - 13%

No but I would like to - 118 votes - 34%

No and it is not for me - 97 votes - 28%

Did you know that you could create your first digital masterpiece using the Corel Painter software completely free of charge?  Even if you don't want to enter our competition, you can download the software for free without any card details or any commitment. Read all about it here:
I read the article in the February LP. I must admit I was quite tempted to download and try it, however, I was told once they have your e-add you'll have nothing but pestering mail thereafter. So tempting a prize, tho'  
And I imagine it'll be "inertia sales". - you'll have to make sure you cancel after 30 days, could be wrong though. Although I have quite a few dig. Apps, I do prefer trad media.
Hi CJ, ive downloaded it and am currently trying both versions of the software.  No pestering emails have followed and the software is great!!  You should definitely try. Marjorie, there is nothing to cancel as you don't subscribe or sign up to anything, just give them an email address so they can activate the download.
Hi NM Thanks for your reply, I'm still thinking about it, as like Marjorie, I too prefer the traditional methods of painting, but there's nothing wrong with trying something new, I'm please you are trying the software and having good results. I'm going to have a look at the T's and C's for further information regarding the competition, as is always recommended.
I have painted using Painter X (picture below using Painter X) and Artrage, both are good but Artrage is so much cheaper and does most of what Painter can do with a much more user friendly interface.  I find digital art useful in working out my composition and colours before comitting to canvas, but much prefer to paint using traditional methods.
I agree with you Maureen.  But I guess if doesn't have to be one OR the other, if you feel like it use digital when the mood takes you.  I haven't used either of the art packages you mention, but have tried digital.  Digital has a lot to offer, but I prefer pen and brush on paper.  A very fine piece of work, Maureen.
I have no objection to digital art but have often wondered about the size possibilities of a print. If I want big I really want to buy a big canvas, then worry about it for ages. The digital versions must be easier to store but what about a PC crash? I'm an IT ignoramus. (no comments please) Bri
You can get prints made pretty big.  The place I use for my photobooks also does canvas prints up to 120 x 80 cm...they'd cost around £80.  Don't know how that compares to buying a large canvas and cost of oil paints for such a large image...but that doesn't is another way of making pictures and having a print made solves to possible pc crash aspect.
Thanks for that, Lew. I didn't know that that size of print was an option but it really does open up the possibilities. Canvases vary in price, depending, but the cheaper ones do the job just as well. I can get a 100 x 100 cms for about a tenner, but you have to add the price of paint (I use artist quality oils now), oil, white spirit etc. A dearer canvas (better quality), of the same size, would be around £40, with linen being dearer again. Thanks again for the info'. Appreciated. Bri