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I'm a newbee and have been having a scoot around the site - there is so much info, I'm looking forward to reading more. I was reading with interest some of the posts on Copyright.  Its something I'm mindful of but, being a lover of painting wildlife, I struggle to find images to use as a reference.  I sometimes use a photo or pic in a magazine etc.  I also sometimes take a photo shot from a TV programme and use it for reference.  Is this ok?  I recently painted a watercolour pic on top of a copy of an OS map, is that ok?  Are there any sites where I can safely use a reference pic? Sorry, so many questions, any advice would be gratefully received.  Thank you. 
I can't give you a definitive answer but I would say that as long as you acknowledge you are using a reference it should be fine.
There are royalty free sites such as “pixaby” which you can use.  It is best to avoid using images, where copyright is owned by someone else.  There is an exception in the Copyright Act for educational use, but if you want to exhibit it as your own, you are on shaky ground.  You can do a search on the internet for copyright free images.