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Hang on Studio Wall
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Hello all, I just wanted to come and introduce myself.  I found this website through buying the magazine and have been posting work for the last 6 months or so but only recently found the forums. I have always been quite a creative person but it tended to be writing, stories, poetry etc.  It was only during lockdown and being on furlough from work that I picked up a paintbrush (exactly a year ago this week) and instantly fell in love with the process of painting. I find it so relaxing. I don’t always like the end product to be honest, but I thoroughly enjoy working with acrylics, water based oils and Derwent Inktense coloured pencils.  I thought to get to know everyone a little better I would ask an ice breaker question. So - where is your favourite place to sit to create your art, do you sit at your kitchen table, en plain air as they say on Landscape Artist of the Year, a dedicated spot within your house?  I would paint at my work desk at the back of the livingroom until at the beginning of this year my husband bought me a little summerhouse and I now paint in there, it’s my absolute favourite place to be and makes me feel more creative just stepping into there.   C x
Hi Carrie, welcome to the Forum! In answer to your question, I’m lucky enough to have an office/studio/music room which is also doubling as our bedroom while we do some diy - that’s where I work, perfect on an evening!
Welcome Carrie,  like you I have a purpose built garden studio, heating, lighting and Internet what more could you ask for...

by Bari Marsh

My favourite place varies, according to the weather, temperature and medium I am using.   In theory the conservatory is my studio, but it is too cold in the depth of winter and too hot on sunny summer days.  When it rains, it is rather noisy.  On sunny days I might paint in the garden as long as it isn’t too windy.  Winter, I will probably use the dining room table.  But now I have discovered coloured pencils, I’ve taken to lounging in the lounge.
Welcome Carrie, I paint in the living room or conservatory. I think it's wonderful your husband bought you a summerhouse to do your artwork, sounds just the ticket.
Continuing the theme of where our painting takes place.  I am fortunate to have a proper studio in the garden.  This came about because my wife wouldn't let me paint in the house - so every cloud has a silver lining!
Complete show off ,here are three pics of Sylvs shed.  Sadly neglected over the last four years so about to have a resurrection...ban the spiders, the webs and other small crawly creatures big clean up a d a coat of paint.
I’m seriously thinking about a garage conversion - not as cosy as all these summer houses! 
Hi Carrie and welcome. Some seriously impressive studios there folks! For me it’s our spare bedroom which is titchy, but I do like to paint outdoors when the weather etc allows. Sometimes I’ll sketch in front of the telly which is easier than banishing myself upstairs but I do like my little room when I’m doing some serious painting, which isn’t happening at present!
Took me 70 years to get my designed garden studio. 
Is that all ?  
Sylvia, your studio and the view from it is great.  Got any power for heat and light to make the most of it? 
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