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How To Clean A Dirty Cooler No matter what your purpose of using a cooler is, you have to know how to clean it. Why is cleaning important? After a particular time of use, even the best cooler on the market will leave a lot of mildew, bacteria, and dirt. Thus, we provide you step-by-step guide below to clean your dirty cooler: Find More Info: What Is The Best Cooler Thekinglive.Com What to prepare It's straightforward and simple to prepare the following items for cleaning your dirty cooler: Microfiber cloth or paper towels Baking soda Dish soap or mild detergent Warm water Soft dishwashing cloth Step-by-step instructions For the best outcome, you must follow all steps to keep your high performance coolers for a long time: 1. Keep your cloth ready Dip your soft dishwashing cloth into warm water, after that, add a little detergent. 2. Wipe Wipe down your machine's interior by using the cloth dipped warm water and detergent above. Pay attention to get into corners, areas with the buildup of grime and mildew, and around the drain hole. Check My Source: Best Coolers For Camping 3. Scrub Tough stains require that you spend more effort on your end for scrubbing. However, you need to make a cleaning paste in advance. Mix water and baking soda together, after that, dip the cloth into this mixture. Finally, you only need to scrub it onto all tough stains. Note: If you don't want to scratch and ruin the inside of the liner, please say "NO" to cleaning tools and abrasive detergents. 4. Clean the outside of the cooler Cleaning the outside is similar to cleaning the inside, so you just need to repeat steps 1 and 2. 5. Clean the inside one more time The cleaning process of step 2 leaves excess soap, so you must wipe the interior again. How? Dip the dishwashing cloth into clean water, then rinse. Try to do this step a few times to make sure to remove all remaining soap residue. After you are done cleaning the inside, remember to wipe the exterior as well. 6. Let the air cooler dry The best way is to leave your cooler open to air-dry. But, if you don't have much time at hand, you can try the following method: Use paper towels or microfiber cloth to wipe out all moisture. So, you can store your cooler now. BEFORE STORAGE, MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COOLER IS TOTALLY DRY. 7. Take care of your cooler To avoid the buildup of mildew and stains over time, we strongly recommend you empty your model after each use. Also, it's essential to clean the interior and let the whole cooler dry before storing it. Conclusion Even if your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty; you should know that cleaning plays a vital role in preserving your worthy investment for a long time. Whether you buy a standard cooler or the Best Coolers In The World, cleaning is always a must. It’s easy to clean the cooler, but if you have any related questions, you can leave your comments in the section below.

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