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Waste disposal advice

How do you dispose of acrylic waste water and dried-up paint? - ben_the_brush


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Question: How do you dispose of acrylic waste water 
and dried-up paint?




After an acrylic painting session, the water used to clean brushes and other painting tools will contain paint solids and should be disposed of as solid waste. To do this, let the paint solids sink to the bottom of the container and pour off the clean water to be used again. Then the remaining water can be allowed to evaporate, leaving the paint solids to dry completely. Once dry, the waste paint can be disposed of with your household waste. You can reduce the amount of paint you need to dispose of by using a stay-wet palette to keep your acrylics fresh and usable between painting sessions. Water can be kept cleaner for longer by wiping off the excess acrylic paint from brushes and allowing it to dry on the cloth or towel before throwing it away with your general waste. 



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