Wendy Abbott


I am a self taught artist and work as a full time nurse at my local hospital. I have been painting watercolour for 10 years and acrylics for 7 years. My previous work up till last year was under the name of Wendy Haws. My name changed to Abbott through marriage last year. I exhibit annually at local open art exhibitions and have been lucky to sell some of my work. I now get a few commissions mostly watercolour, but my acrylics have sold well at exhibitions and privately too My inspirations are the countryside and the North Norfolk coast. I hope to be able to do this on a full time basis in the near future. I love to experiment and exaggerate with some colours in landscape paintings, to show the veiwer the colours I see in nature, whether its a blossom tree or saltmarsh mud. I also take my inspiration and I learn from other artists as well