Sebastian Chew


My name is Sebastian Chew, I am an artist and Tutor and have been teaching art to adult students for over 25yrs. I teach both privately and for The Adult Community College and a few times a year I give Art demonstrations to local Arty Groups. I am based in North Essex, though my roots lie very much so in Granada, Southern Spain, where I grew up. I am mainly a self taught Artist, though I did do two years at St Martins Art College, London. I am passionate about my art and teaching and love the use and play of light in my artwork and natural subject matter, capturing the essence of the scene in whichever medium I feel conveys this best, as I love working in most mediums. I also like to experiment and learn from other artist new skills as I believe one never stops learning when it comes to art methods and techniques. I have recently been pushing my own limits in Acrylics with fellow artist Hashim Akib. I paint because I love to paint, my greatest enjoyment is seeing others enjoy my teaching style and my own art work. MOSTLY ALL THE PAINTS IN MY ONLINE GALLERY ARE FOR SALE