James Lagasse


INSPIRATION Whoopie Pies Lobster Rolls Curious paintings I can Stare at all day long Jenny, Nathan and Jack My three cats Driving the back roads Every town has a story Local dives and good food Guy Fieri is my hero! Sports talk radio and Vodka and cranberry Painting in my studio No distractions but for the Ocassional hum of the dryer and Good 'ole fashion rock music. I paint every chance I get. That includes the kitchen table. For the most part, I am self-taught. I did take an art class in college, but the professor was not a fan of my work. I just couldn't get the concept of abstract the way she did. I enjoy working with watercolors the most because they are the most challenging and unpredictable. I also spend a lot of my time experimenting and learning new techniques. I am a route salesman for a company in Bangor, Maine. Every day the scenery and people change with my job, and it's easy for me to find inspiration to paint. I am lucky to have a panel of art critiques at my house, but my seven-year old says he likes everything. Maybe he's not the best person to ask.