Lisa Ainslie


I never thought I’d get back into art after giving up on it back in my late teens. I’ve always been an admirer of other people’s art but, despite having had a wee bit of promise as a schoolgirl, I had never made time since then to produce any work of my own until I started, of all things, painting stones with my two children last year. Since then, I can’t stop painting. Despite being a mum, part-time English teacher and fitness instructor, I try to squeeze in some painting most evenings when the kids have gone to bed. I have absolutely no training, only because I don’t currently have time to attend classes, but I love taking inspiration from other artists’ and photographers’ works. I work mostly in acrylics on slate or stone. I work from photos most of the time but I also like to experiment with pointillist and dot mandala-styles. I look forward to gaining more inspiration as a member of this online art community.