Khin Swe Ohn


I am a self taught artist. I learn mainly from YouTube, books and online art tutorials. I painted from an early age but my busy life as a doctor does not allow me to paint as much as I wanted to. More than 6 years ago I picked up my brush again and try to give more time for the hobby I love. Watercolor is the my favourite medium but I also enjoy drawing with ink, acrylic and oil. Flowers and birds are my favourite subjects but I do enjoy landscape drawing sometimes. Lately my interest grows into botanical painting. I have participated in few local art exhibitions. I sold some of my paintings and able to raise money for COVID and other fund raising events for the country I born, Burma ( Myanmar ). I work and reside in Central Coast , NSW, Australia. You can contact my email if you wish to buy my paintings. Thank you. (All money raised will goes to charity for my country) [email protected]